Two Boer Mausers

Antique Weapons
ISBN 978-1-84683-201-7
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A detailed overview of the history, mechanics and firing characteristics of the Mauser Model 1893 Rifle & Carbine

Researched, written & illustrated by Leonard & Guy A-R-West FHBSA

This book, the fourth in a series by authors Guy and Leonard Alston-Roberts-West, is the culmination of decades of collecting, researching, and shooting antique weapons.

In this, their third book in a series on 19th Century military weaponry, Guy and Leonard Alston-Roberts-West explore the evolution of the Mauser Model 1893, used by the Boer riflemen in the Boer War (1899-1901).

The bond between the Boer and the Mauser is legendary, so much so that the Almighty himself is associated with the weapon in their famous motto “Trust in God and the Mauser”, which serves as the subtitle for this book.

The Boers’ fieldcraft, marksmanship and mobility were renowned, making them a dangerous opponent, and this, along with their Mausers, was a lethal combination, as British forces in the Boer War discovered to their cost.

This book analyses in detail two examples of the Z.A.R. Boer War Mauser Model 1893 (M/93) used by many of the Boers, a rifle and a carbine, as well as accompanying accessories, and offers an appraisal of handling, accuracy and range, based on the authors' live firing of these historic weapons.

Details on some of the weapons and equipment used by British forces in this conflict are also provided, along with illustrations of the uniforms worn by combatants.

Special attention is also paid to the firing mechanism and ammunition used in these early breech-loading guns.

Podewils Lindner rifle and carbine

Many high quality colour photographs and illustrations.

Podewils cutaway

Cutaways and diagrams.

Podewils close-up

Close-up details.


Guy & Leo's YouTube Channel shows video overview of  the Mauser M/93 rifle...
format softback | 80 pages | text plus many colour photos & illustrations
genre military history | arms & armaments
themes The Boer War 1899-1901 | the evolution of breech-loading firearms
readership military historians | vintage weapon enthusiasts | gun collectors | antique dealers | educational establishments
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