A Flock of Female Friends

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by John McGregor, BA
A fond look back at the weird, wild and wonderful women friends in the author's past

A Flock of Female Friends is the second part of John McGregor’s engaging autobiography, following on from his successful first book Fairy Tales of an SAC, about his formative years in the Royal Air Force in the 1960s/70s.

Now we fast-forward ten years to the events ~ and ladies ~ in John’s life at a time when his ex-wife had a wide circle of colourful female acquaintances that he referred to as her ‘flock of female friends’ or ‘the FFFs’.

John observed these ladies closely over the years ~ the good, the bad and the cosmetically-challenged ~ and describes them with dry humour and great affection in this witty and warm-hearted account.

Tales of these funny, feisty, frisky, frivolous (and other descriptive ‘F’ words) women and their sometimes complicated love lives are interlinked with other stories revealing various aspects of John’s life during that busy fifteen-year period.

It makes for a roller-coaster read from a man who clearly loves women but freely admits that he often has trouble understanding them!

We offer our congratulations to John McGregor for his recent attainment of a BA in English Literature from the Open University.

details softback | 205 x 140mm | 200 pages | text only
genre memoir/autobiography

male/female relationships | love | marriage | divorce | female friendship

readership all ages