The Charters of Guernsey

the Channel Islands
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by Prof Tim Thornton | An annotated transcription/translation of the Royal Charters granted to the Bailiwick of Guernsey by English monarchs since William I

A royal charter is a formal grant issued by a monarch to grant rights or powers to an individual or body corporate, or to establish organisations such as boroughs, universities and learned societies.

After William the Duke of Normandy took the crown of England in 1066, charters were promulgated by successive monarchs of England that specifically related to the Channel Islands, including the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The geographical location of the Channel Islands became important when the islands became the front line in a series of wars with France that lasted for centuries. Their loyalty to the English Crown was duly rewarded.

The Charters are given in the form of Letters Patent (a form of open or public proclamation) and generally conclude with the words: In cujus rei testimonium has literas nostras fieri fecimus patentes. (in witness whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patent.)

In this admirable academic project Professor Tim Thornton provides a translation/transcription of the Royal Charters of Guernsey granted by eight English monarchs, along with a detailed commentary which puts each of the charters into proper historical context.

Detailed colour plates showing the eight charters are included.

An invaluable book for anyone interested in the history of the Channel Islands and their historic connections with England.