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Books about the Royal Air Force

Over the years we have published many books featuring the history of the RAF and the recollections of former RAF personnel. 

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A small selection of our RAF books are featured below...

619 The story of a forgotten squadron

619 : The History of a Forgotten Squadron

A Bird Over Berlin by Tony Bird DFC

A Bird Over Berlin

A history of the Kings / Queens Flight

A History of The King's / Queen's Flight

A Member of the RAF of Indeterminate Race by Cy Grant

A Member of the RAF of Indeterminate Race

A Virginian in Best Blue by Parke F Smith

A Virginian in Best Blue

An Erks-Eye View of WW2 by Ted Mawsley

An Erk's-Eye View of World War Two

Carried on the Wind by Sean Feast

Carried on the Wind

Crash Boats of Gorleston by Tony Overill

Crash Boats of Gorleston

Erks on Parade by Graham Wise

Erks On Parade

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate by Trevor Richter

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate

Seletar - Crowning Glory by David Taylor

Seletar: Crowning Glory