London Connections
Books featuring England's famous capital city
World War II memoir

A Boy from Soho

by Frank Gianotti
A London boy's wartime experiences at home and abroad, in the London Blitz and in Italy with the RASC
WW2 civilian memoir

Blitz Boy

by Robert Trevor
A London boy's experiences in the Blitz and as an evacuee in rural Berkshire and Liverpool during World War Two
WW2 memoir

But Where Were the Bluebirds?

by Patricia Bending
Evocative childhood recollections of London in the 1940s ~ during World War II and its aftermath

Capital City Paramedic

by John Kinsley

Experiences of a London Ambulanceman 1975-82
civilian memoir

Granddad's Rainbow

by Joan Blackburn
A nostalgic memoir following the fortunes of a working-class family from Southern England during the 1940s and 50s
Memoir / London in WW2

I Want To Go Home

by Catherine Jacobs
Childhood memories of family life in East London before and during the Second World War

Lives In Colour

by George Major
A family saga tracing the author's forebears in colonial Africa and his own colourful career as a housepainter

The Enigma of 13 Sandown Road

by Jeff Pack
An inventive botanical mystery novel -- Kew Gardens will never seem the same again!

There Goes the Siren

by Sheila Dobson
Childhood memories of the London Blitz and Wartime Evacuation

Troubles Trials and Travels

by Brian Edwards
True story of a local government official wrongly accused of corruption and his struggle to clear his name
Cold War history

We Blazed the Trail

edited by Robin Reid and Malcolm Cleverley 

The short but eventful history of the Civil Defence Experimental Mobile Column 1953/4
Local history

This House

by Jeff Pack

The remarkable history of a suburban villa in North Ealing, its owners/residents since 1901 and its surrounding square mile in Pitshanger village
Civilian flying

Take Up Slack

by Edward Hull
An illustrated history of the London Gliding Club and the development of the sport of gliding in the UK from 1930 onwards