At Sea

Books featuring the activities of waterborne military personnel during the Second World War

Military history

A Bootneck's Footsteps

by Mike Pinnock 
The author sets off on a nostalgic journey to retrace his father's movements with the Royal Marines 1921-45
military memoir

A Diver in the Dark

by Sydney Knowles BEM
Memoir of a WW2 Royal Navy Clearance Diver and diving partner of Commander Lionel 'Buster' Crabb

A Diver's Escapades

by Glennys E Forrester-Brown
The early life and wartime experiences of Joe Forrester – a lad from the Potteries who served in the Royal Navy as a diver during World War II
WW2 memoir

I Married a Princess

by Thomas Soars
The heart-warming tale of an English RNVR officer who met and married a Persian princess during World War II and brought her home to a distinctly unglamorous life in England.
military/civilian memoir

Inside and Out

by Robert Cosh
Entertaining memoir featuring the author's experiences in the wartime Royal Navy (1939-46) and postwar in HM Prison Service (1946-81)
Naval history

Intercepted at Sea

by Leslie Howson
& John Nixon
An investigation into the human cost of insecure Royal Navy communications during two World Wars
WW2 memoirs

Malta Remembered

edited by Frank Rixon
A collection of stories about the George Cross Island of Malta contributed by military personnel who served there during World War 2
Naval history

On a Sailor's Grave (No Roses Grow)

by Mike Kemble
A personal investigation into some of the greatest Maritime Disasters of the Second World War
RAF memoir

Percy's Piece of the War

by Percy Shipperbottom

Exploits of an RAF High Speed Launch Wireless Operator in the UK and Far East during World War 2
Naval biography

Ships & Stars & Isles

by G.A. Taylor RNVR
Engaging account of Royal Navy service during World War II drawn from the author's letters and diaries
Naval memoir

This is My Story, This is My Song

by Ray Oram

Experiences of a WW2 Landing Craft (Tank) Skipper in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and on D-Day...
Autobiography/aviation history

Will We Fly Above Those Clouds?

by Michael P Sutton
A pilot's varied experiences with the RN Fleet Air Arm, De Havilland, JC Bamford, Lear Jet and Dassault 1943-73