I Have Control!

ISBN 1-873203-51-9
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by Edward Cartner
A junior officer's attempts to gain the respect of his subordinates and superiors never go according to plan

As an RAF Paracute Jumping Instructor (PJI) attached to the Parachute Regiment, Edward Cartner enjoyed an unusual career, mostly spent training others to leap out of aeroplanes and land in one piece.

His chosen career also allowed him considerable scope for making an exhibition of himself, and in his very funny books he takes great delight in cataloguing his less glorious moments (of which there were plenty!) for the entertainment of his readers.

Edward Cartner's stories are sure to amuse anyone with a military background but you do not have to be ex-Services to enjoy his gently humorous tales of the gaffes and blunders made by an inexperienced young officer as he attempts to convince himself and those around him that he is, indeed, in control.