Crossing the Line

ISBN 1-903953-68-5
Maritime fiction
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by David North

An impecunious ex-Army officer is tempted into the murky waters of Cross-Channel smuggling

A former serviceman has become a businessman since leaving the armed forces.

When his business collapses he faces financial ruin, until a chance meeting with a former colleague presents him with a new opportunity.

Despite his misgivings he agrees to act as a courier for a gang smuggling alcohol and tobacco across the English Channel from Calais to Dover.

The rewards are good and it seems easy to avoid detection.

Soon he is tempted to try a more lucrative cargo... and that's where it all starts to go horribly wrong.

Based on the author's real-life experiences, this is a cautionary tale of how greed and temptation can lead anyone astray.

details: softback | 140 x 205 mm | 200 pages
genre: Fiction based on real-life experience
readership: Crime fiction enthusiasts / general readers
themes: Cross-channel smuggling | the criminal underworld | prison life and rehabilitation