Nobodys Hero

by Bernard Hart Hallam
Experiences of an RAF police officer in WW2 in the UK and subsequently France, Holland and Germany after D-Day.
Nothing So Strange

Nothing So Strange – a voyage to North Borneo

by Eileen Elizabeth Gidney
Memories of British North Borneo (now Sabah, Malaysia) in the early 1950s.

Observations from the Tower – Memoirs of an Air Traffic Controller

by John Kilburn
A former ATC recalls his 30-year career in Air Traffic Control 1957-1987

Occupation Nurse

by Peter & Mary Birchenall
Celebrating the achievements of a dedicated band of nurses who provided excellent healthcare to the inhabitants of the Channel Island of Guernsey during the German occupation of WW2.

Of Ploughs, Planes & Palliasses

by Percy Wilson Carruthers | A 223  squadron pilot's  experiences in North Africa with the Desert Air Force and as a prisoner of war 

On a Sailors Grave No Roses Grow – Maritime Disasters of World War II

by Mike Kemble
A respectful tribute to those who lost their lives in some of the worst Maritime Disasters of the Second World War.

On Laughter-Silvered Wings – a portrait of Irish aviator Paddy Kirkwood

by Howard A Hughes
Entertaining biography of charismatic Irish aviator Paddy Kirkwood, a pilot with RAF bomber command in World War II and subsequently an airline captain whose 'Irish crew' gained legendary status in post-war British European Airlines (BEA) for their high-spirited antics.

Once a Cameron Highlander

by Robert Burns
Remarkable story of a WW1 Battle of the Somme veteran, who lived to be 105 years old and one of the last 'Tommies' who fought in The Great War.

Only a Miracle

by Paul Stanton
Sequel to Milk & Honey ~ a pony is added to the family menagerie and all kinds of mayhem ensues...

Only Remember the Laughter

by June O'Carroll Robertson
Recalling a remarkable life at home and abroad, working for Norman Hartnell and Constance Spry, and much else besides...
Operation Ladbroke 3-D product shot

Operation Ladbroke From Dream to Disaster

by Alec Waldron
A first hand account of the planning, execution and ultimate failure of the glider assault on Sicily in July 1943.

Operation New Broom

by Robert C Bertie
Recruit training expert Bill Barrett heads for the Middle East to ply his trade in the latest novel in the Bluebelles series

Operation Pharos

by Ken Rosam
An illustrated account of the construction and operation of the Allied airbase on the Cocos Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean during World War II.
Oscar's Father 3-D product shot

Oscars Father – a biography of Sir William Wilde

by David Stevens
Biography of  Sir William Robert Wills Wilde, father of Oscar Wilde

Out of the Blue

by George Edwards BEM
Adventures of a former RAF fireman at home and abroad 1965-2005 and his post-RAF activities as a Probation Officer and Air Cadet Squadron Commander in his native city of Liverpool.

Over Hell and High Water

by Leslie Parsons
The author's two full operational tours as an RAF navigator with 622 Squadron of RAF Bomber Command on bombing raids over Germany and 99 Squadron operating in the Far East over vast stretches of the Indian ocean.

Pacifist to Glider Pilot

by Alec Waldron
Engaging account of a founder member of the Glider Pilot Regiment who participated in the airborne assaults at Sicily and Arnhem in WW2.

Parachutes, Princes & Predicaments

by Edward Cartner
How I taught Prince Charles and Prince Andrew to parachute jump (without killing either of them) whilst serving in the RAF as a parachute jumping instructor in 1978.

Pathfinder Force Balkans

by Geoff Curtis
The exploits of a 614 (Pathfinder) squadron flight engineer in the air over the Balkans and subsequently as a prisoner of war in Hungary during World War II

People, Planes & Providence

by Ian Roxburgh
Former RAF pilot and flying instructor recalls his exploits in World War II and the post-war years during which he flew most of the famous aircraft types of the 1940s and 50s

Per Ardua Pro Patria

by Dennis Wiltshire
The traumatic experiences of an RAF Bomber Command airman  falsely accused of LMF in WW2.

Percys Piece of the War

by Percy Shipperbottom
Exploits of an RAF High Speed Launch Wireless Operator in the UK and Far East during World War 2.

Pluck Under Fire – A Regular Soldiers Experiences in the Korean War

by John Pluck
A former regular soldier with the Middlesex Regiment looks back on his experiences during the Korean War

Post War Brats at Large

Former members of the 51st (1945) Entry of RAF Aircraft Apprentices to RAF Halton recall their experiences as 'Trenchard Brats'.

Prestwicks Pioneer

by Dougal McIntyre
Biography of David F. McIntyre, first pilot to fly over Everest and founder of Scottish Aviation.
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