Liverpool Tales from the Mersey Mouth

by John Williams
Entertaining stories from a talented Liverpudlian raconteur
Staff Pick

Lives In Colour – My African Antecedents and Me

by George Major
A family saga tracing the author's forebears in British colonial Africa and his own colourful career as a housepainter with many interesting clients over the years.
Lollipops of Dust product shot

Lollipops of Dust - My African Childhood

by Susan Read-Lobo
Memories of an Colonial Childhood in the Bechuanaland Protectorate (now Botswana) 1955-66.

Long Nights and Long Knives

by Alastair Tompkins
A novel set in Kenya at the time of the 1952 Mau Mau insurgency.

Looking Backwards Over Burma

by Dennis Spencer DFC
A former Beaufighter navigator with 211 Squadron RAF recalls his  operational tour of duty in Burma and Thailand in 1944/5.

Looking Up at the Sky

by Group Captain C.B. 'Sid' Adcock
A former Hastings and VC10 pilot looks back on a 50-year career in the Royal Air Force 1960–2010

Lost In Training

by Harry Green
By charting the final hours of a single Lancaster and its crew, this book pays tribute to the thousands of young RAF airmen killed during aircrew training in World War II

Love is in the Air

edited by Jeff Pack
The revealing wartime letters and memories of an RAF pilot and his WAAF officer fiancée.

Malta Remembered – by those who were there during World War II

edited by Frank Rixon
A collection of stories about the George Cross Island of Malta contributed by military personnel who served there during the Second World War.

Masai Mara : The Savage Plains

by Guy West
A gripping adventure novel set in Kenya that focuses on the criminal actions of African ivory poachers and those working to stop them.

Memoirs of a Goldfish

by Jim Burtt-Smith
The WW2 exploits of a 115 Squadron Wellington pilot who  survived his aircraft being shot down over the North Sea.

Meteor Eject! A Cold War jet pilots story

by Nick Carter
Former 257 Squadron RAF jet pilot recalls the Gloster Meteor, prototype ejector seats and much more.

Mikes Memoirs

by Frank W. 'Mike' Hunt
The experiences of this RAF airman with 615 Squadron 1934-46 include Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the abortive airborne assault on Sicily in 1943

Milk and Honey

by Paul Stanton
A pet donkey proves more of a challenge than its owner bargained for in this warm-hearted tale of family life that will amuse all pet-owners...

Mooses War – an ace night fighter pilots story

by Richard Pike
The wartime exploits of ‘Moose’ Fumerton ~ Canada’s highest-scoring night-fighter pilot of WW2

More Tales of a Bomber Command WAAF

by Sylvia Pickering
A second book featuring the authors recollections of her experiences as a WAAF posted to 5 Group Headquarters, Moreton Hall

My Best Blue Days – Recollections of an RAF Airman 1952-56

by Reg Chiddick
Enjoyable account of the author's for years National Service in the Royal Air Force as an Electrical Mechanic (Air) 1952-56

My Life in Flying – memoirs of a military and airline pilot

by Steve Masters
A reflection on three decades as a military & commercial pilot with the RAF and British Airways 1980-2013
Naafi Knickers and Nijmegen by Joan Blackburn

Naafi, Knickers and Nijmegen

by Joan Blackburn (formerly Ratcliff)
Adventures of a WRAF Airwoman 1959-63.

Naafi, Nijmegen & the Path to Norway

by Joan Blackburn
Further adventures of a WRAF Airwoman – 1971 and beyond.

National Service Erk

by Ron Swain
An RAF airman’s experiences with 148 Squadron 1952-3

No Brylcreem, No Medals

by Jack Hambleton
The WW2 exploits of a RAF MT driver at home and abroad.

No Poppies in the Jungle

by Kenneth Child
A collection of poems & drawings depicting the Burma Campaign of the "forgotten" 14th Army during World War 2

No Time on the Ground – A Pilots Tales

by Ken Fitzroy
A former military, commercial and civilian pilot looks back on 50 years in the air.

Nobody Unprepared : The history of 78 Squadron

by Vernon Holland
An illustrated account of the activities of an RAF Bomber Command squadron during World War II.