Military Weapons
Books featuring detailed information about military weapons and equipment
The Dreyse by Leo & Guy A-R-West

The Dreyse Military Needle Ignition System

The Model 1866 Chassepot by Guy & Leo A-R-West

The Modèle 1866 ‘Chassepot’

Bull, Bombs & Britannias by Richard Ling

Bull, Bombs & Britannias

The English Electric Lightning and Me by Peter Bunnett

The English Electric Lightning and Me

the avro vulcan and me by peter bunnett [cover]

The Avro Vulcan and Me

Achtung Minen Guernsey by Henry Beckingham

Achtung Minen! Guernsey

raf uxb - jenkinson


RAF UXB Volume 2

UXB Volume 2